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 Your proudest WoW moment?

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PostSubject: Your proudest WoW moment?   Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:21 pm

What's something you worked for for a long time in WoW, and can say you've succeeded Smile

Be it get that mount drop, full Tier (x) gear, finally craft that epic what have you...

I can't say I have one yet, I'm still a WoWbaby, but I know a lot of you vets have quite some tales to tell...
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PostSubject: Re: Your proudest WoW moment?   Tue May 03, 2011 7:38 am

Proudest WoW moment was actually getting my Grand Black War Mammoth, here's the story:

I had been farming VoA every week like most players at the time, and had an aspiration to start collecting some of the more harder mounts that would stand out while I did my battlegrounds. The first boss in VoA ("Archavon the Stone Watcher") we wiped to at least 15 times, and made the entire group pretty furious. Within a few minutes everyone but the main tank, a single healer, and a few other dps had stayed behind.

Being the raid leader I went back to trade, and managed to round up a pretty poor group of players in an attempt to get through a few bosses before the next Wintergrasp started. We got through Archavon in a single attempt and moved onto Emalon with little time remaining before the next Wintergrasp started. After explaining the fight a few times, and wiping, the mount dropped followed by quite a lot of spam in raid chat. Everyone rolled, but I got the highest with 96. Twisted Evil

I don't have the SS at the time but I have one in Org I took a few months back.

P.S. <3 Sandstone Drake.
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Your proudest WoW moment?
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