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 Current raids, current schedule and a roster

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PostSubject: Current raids, current schedule and a roster   Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:27 am

So, you want to raid and you read the other threads to make sure you perform better then a rhesus monkey.

Well, in a true TL;DR fashion: at the moment we suffer from a lack of healers and we have attendance issues, so we raid every night possible. Be online at 9 PM server time and if you have 4000 points of score on WoW Heroes then you could be invited.

If you want more info then that, keep reading:


Raiding is not a privilege. With that I mean; just because you are 85 does not mean I must invite you to a raid. A given level 85 10 man raid is usually consisting of 2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 dps. If we have more then those numbers, we usually can and will cherrypick. What does this mean for you?

If you bring a unique buff to the raid, your chances of getting invited improve slightly.
If you are better DPS then the other people, your chances of getting invited improve slightly.
If you are a class that we already have 2 of, your chances of getting invited decrease slightly.
If you are bad at following instructions, your chances of getting invited decrease drastically.

Keep in mind that you are competing for a spot. Having all green gems and half your stuff enchanted versus someone who gets all blue gems and every enchant they can obviously puts you at a disadvantage. Not simply because your gear is worse, but because his gear is better. He worked harder for it, showing more effort and a more serious mindset.

But most important: right now, we do not have a roster. You are not guaranteed a spot EVER for the time being.


To raid is to be a part of a group. Yes, I understand you pay 15 dollars a month to play this game, but the other 9 people`s combined 135 dollars per month get to dictate what you do during a raid. Honestly, I do not care about your HPS, DPS, HP pool, Crit chance or any other stat. In the end, what matters is "Did the boss die?". If that answer is yes, then we did well.

I could not care less about your opinion of having to interrupt and how it affects your rotation. I also do not care about how this other healer has higher HPS simply because he is on tank heals, and so on and so on.

Do I run recount? Yes
Do I see who is highest DPS to determine who can come next time? No
Do I use it to see how much you overheal for, which targets you attack and if they are the correct ones, if you miss too much and need more hit, how you died or if you did your assigned job the way you were supposed to? Yes

If you do your part, and the other 9 people do theirs, then we function as a group and we will down content.


We have very simple loot rules;

If an item drops and is an upgrade for your main spec then click Need. If it is an upgrade for your off spec then click Greed. Never hit Disenchant. If an item drops off trash and is BoE you can Need roll regardless of main spec or off spec.

(Main spec is determined before the raid starts. If you play in your offspec and would like to roll for your main spec, let us know before the raid starts. If you fail to notify us, we will reserve the right to disallow you to roll on items.

Example: druid Hotsalot joins the raid as feral, because we need the melee DPS although he is normally a healer. If he fails to notify us that healing is his mainspec then he does not get to Need roll on the healer items that drop.)


We are working on a roster so that you can have a permanent spot. What we are looking for, in case you want to be a part of our raiding team:

People who know their class, and know it well: rotation, abilities, things to do and things to avoid.
People who pay attention to their surroundings: can I stand in this yellow spot, does this mob cleave, can I interrupt a spell, should I slow down DPS, etc.
People who are prepared to raid: gems, enchants, flasks, food.
People who have solid attendance: if 9 people show up and we are missing a tank, then we have to pug a tank. Even if he is a guildie, having to teach him/her the fight will slow us down and requires everyone to work harder to make up for this new player and his/her lack of knowledge. There are 9 raiders who depend on you being there, and it is disrespectful to them to not show up.

Regardless of class, those are the things we look for. I can gear you up, but I cannot give you the correct attitude. You need to bring the latter, and the former is just a bonus.
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Current raids, current schedule and a roster
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